Sadie Iovino | Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist


I felt so blissed out and charged up after your class this morning. Nothing else in the world does that and I had forgotten that it has that effect on me: this surge of joy and feeling of well-being, and so much more. I woke up knowing I would feel great after yoga with you today, but it’s so much more than that – a combination of joys from so many sources. I have become accustomed to thinking of myself as being limited by the severity of my arthritis; I walked out feeling capable & energized and ready to kiss lamp posts! I love the laughter that comes with your yogic challenges, the huge beautiful poetry that you bring us. Did you notice how buzzed everyone was at the end of class?  And it’s always that way…


Eugene, OR

Hi Sadie, I wanted to thank you for an excellent session yesterday. Clark (my dog) and I took a walk a couple of hours later and I realized how much my yoga practice translates into my entire life and being. I was walking along so comfortably and so upright and breathing very naturally. It was wonderful. Big hugs and much warmth…


Eugene, OR

Thank you Sadie!! I’m so grateful to you for your fun loving personality, healing energy, and amazing yoga teachings over the past several years!! It has truly made a positive impact in my life! Hugs!


Eugene, OR

You’re a great teacher. My yoga experience has you as the benchmark now, both for the physical challenge and the fun.


Eugene, OR

…was so wonderful it brought me to tears. Thank you! What a skilled, and talented teacher you are.


Eugene, OR